Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spinach Anyone!?

Tomatoes and Basil

Welcome back to A Maine Garden and welcome to the 2010 gardening season! The maple syrup season ended for me today. Temps soared into the low 60's (F) and the 15 sap pails were all empty. I boiled up 2 gallons of maple syrup. Not the most I've ever done but with 2 weeks lost to visiting my daughter in Boston that's not too bad. If you'd like to read about my maple syrup making season visit my maple blog at: http://dunnmaple.blogspot.com/
Now I can turn my focus to gardening.

I walked through the gardens today and I hate to admit that the paths are a mess with weeds from last year. I started a new job last September and just didn't weed them properly before I put the garden to bed. I may actually rototil this year. I don't like rototiling but may do it this year. I can't imagine using my pitch fork to turn all my gardens this year. Plus a rototil will give my lower garden a new clean beginning. Get rid of all the years worth of predetermined beds. Sounds better and better the more I think about it. I just hate breaking into the soil using a machine. Seems harsh for the soil life. Sigh.

I plan to plant spinach this weekend and maybe some lettuce. Maybe even a few peas. Wonder if it's too early for carrots and radishes and leeks too. Hummmm.....we'll see how far I get. Will have to see how much compost I can access. I do have quite a bit of worm castings from our classroom worm composting. I'll see if I can get my son to make me a cold frame. I'll start some tomato seeds too, indoors of course.

Let the 2010 garden season begin! Happy gardening to you all,