Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time to Start the Peppers and Eggplant

Starting peppers, eggplant, and parsley this weekend. I'm going to do another planting of onions as well. The leeks and shallots are real slow to start but the yellow and red onions are up and I'm trimming them for the first time this morning. Will taste good in our breakfast omelets.
This weekend we are changing my lighting set up a bit and getting more grow lights up. The garden season is here :)

Happy seed starting,

PS - My friend Rachel is guiding me on the timing of seed starting this year. If you live in the Central Maine area you must keep your eyes out for Zone 4 plants at your local growing center. Those plants are the absolute most hardy perennials in Maine!! And if you're looking for a wholesale supplier of amazing perennials that your customers will drool over contact them! Their names are Rachel and Bill.
They have a Facebook page.